About the Peter Francis Points Arboretum

About the Peter Francis Points Arboretum

About Us

Nestled in the hills outside Coleraine, Victoria, stands one of the world’s oldest and most diverse planted collections of Australian native trees.

The Peter Francis Points Arboretum contains over 10,000 documented Australian native trees and shrubs, grown for display, research and everyday enjoyment.

Our collections have been developed over the past 50 years, and include species sourced from all over Australia, and some indigenous to this area of Western Victoria. Several threatened species are also represented and nurtured here. The Eucalyptus genus is featured at the Arboretum, as well as a diverse range of other native trees and plants. Our Eucalyptus Collection and Banksia Collection are each registered with the Garden Plant Conservation Association of Australia (GPCAA).

'The Points' gets its name from two peaks of land on the site. The soil zones range from ironstone gravels, sands and loams, through to black cracking clays. This range of soil types allows great diversity in plantings.

As well as a respected botanical reference, The Points is a valued attraction for locals and tourists. Several walking tracks weave through the 37-hectare site, for visitors to explore our collections and the natural bushland atmosphere they create. Take a picnic or enjoy a BBQ at the playground, to make a day of your visit.

What is an arboretum?

An ‘arboretum’ is a place where different species of trees are planted and displayed for educational and scientific purposes - a library or museum of living trees. At The Points, we showcase Australian natives from around the country, with a particular focus on Eucalypts.

Our Organisation

The Peter Francis Points Arboretum Inc.

The Peter Francis Points Arboretum Inc manages the Arboretum’s collections, with the support of Parks Victoria who manages the Crown Land on which it sits.

We are a not-for-profit organisation led by volunteers.

Committee of Management

President Margaret Rutter
Vice-president Ray Clay
Secretary Shirley Gregory
Treasurer Justin Bryant
Jill Peterson
John Cleary
Jana Peterson

Our Purpose

What we do

The Peter Francis Points Arboretum Inc is a charitable organisation whose purpose is to develop and maintain documented collections of Australian native plants. The Arboretum operates as a museum for public exhibition, scientific study and celebration of our natural botanical heritage. In achieving its purpose, the organisation also seeks to:

  • Continue to be recognised as an arboretum of national significance;
  • Foster community pride and participation in the Arboretum;
  • Encourage tourists to visit this valuable regional attraction; and
  • Acknowledge and maintain the legacy of the Arboretum’s founders in the 1960s, and all those who have contributed since.

Become a Member

Your support helps us grow.

For a small annual fee, members of the Peter Francis Points Arboretum Inc can contribute to the Arboretum's development (including voting at our general meetings) and receive updates on our progress.
Please contact us if you would like to join, or find out more.