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About The Peter Francis Points Arboretum

Eucalyptus caesiaThe Peter Francis Points Arboretum is a gazetted arboretum, permanently reserved by the Victorian Government (Dec 22, 1994).

The Peter Francis Points Arboretum is a Parks Victoria Reserve, operating under the Parks Victoria Act 1998.

Parks Victoria is responsible for the day to day operation of the reserve, and is guided by advice and support from the Friends of the Points, an incorporated association made up of local volunteers and plant experts.

The arboretum maintains on the one site (37Ha/100ac) an extensive and valuable collection of plant taxa. The importance of this plant material is significant and widely recognised for its biological value.

The Eucalyptus collection is designated “The GPCAA Registered Collection of Eucalypts” (Garden Plant Conservation Association of Australia Inc, through Melbourne Botanic Gardens).

The Banksia collection is similarly designated with this GPCAA registration. The status of the Grevillea collection is one of only three areas in Australia nominated by the Grevillea Study Group for the growing of rare and endangered Grevillea.


“The Points” is located on Crown Land, formerly a quarry, and before that, the town’s Common and its first water catchment. It is north-facing and has a 60-metre fall. The soil zones range from ironstone gravels, sands and loams, through to black cracking clays. This range of soil types allows great diversity in plantings.


Parks Victoria
Southern Grampians Shire Council
Garden Plant Conservation Association of Australia