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School & Group Visits

The Arboretum welcomes visits from interested groups.

Over many years, school children have carried out excursions and science projects at the Points, and environmental studies students have carried out research on site. Many school groups access us as an eco-excursion destination, and we offer guided activity for these groups.

Other visiting groups have included Rotary and Probus clubs, plant clubs and many a passing tourist bus has called in to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Visit the Arboretum Tours page to learn about resources available for your visit.

The Arboretum provides enormous scope for practical activities that can be tied into educational programs. These programs can assist in the preservation and enhancement of the Arboretum and its Botanical Collections and the management of areas of significant remnant groundflora vegetation. The sustained restoration and maintenance of ecosystems, the creation of habitat corridors, the rehabilitation of degraded natural areas and the protection of threatened environments are other priority considerations in these programs.


Parks Victoria
Southern Grampians Shire Council
Garden Plant Conservation Association of Australia