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October 2008:

Open Day at the Arboretum
October 4 2008

Around 50 of our supporters joined board and subcommittee members for an afternoon at the arboretum.

New information signs around the arboretum were introduced by guest speaker Neville Bonney, renowned author and expert on native plants and biodiversity plantings.

Life Governors Mary Hope and Malcolm Brumby unveiled the signs.

Manager John Kane introduced the board members. Visitors enjoyed a BBQ and guided walks in full sunshine.

The signs were made possible by a Parks Victoria Community Awareness Grant, which also funded a new booklet, Remnant Grasslands of the Peter Francis Points Arboretum, Coleraine. Information for both projects was prepared by Jenny Kane and the arboretum subcommittee.

L to R: Neville Bonney, John Kane, Mary Hope, Margaret Rutter, Malcolm Brumby,
Brian McKinnon (Parks Victoria), Gill Fry (Chairman)


Above L: Arboretum Subcommittee members at work: Hilary Turner,
Rob Beulke, Margaret Rutter and Brian Lacy

Copies of this booklet are available from the office and the arboretum




Parks Victoria
Southern Grampians Shire Council
Garden Plant Conservation Association of Australia