Open Day 2018


at the Peter Francis Points Arboretum

When: Saturday 5 May 2018

Where: Peter Francis Points Arboretum, Points Rd, Coleraine

Join us to explore the Arboretum and celebrate its progress!

The Peter Francis Points Arboretum Inc is hosting an Open Day on Saturday 5 May 2018.

Come and discover some of the projects we're working on, wander through the Arboretum with our botanical specialists, and find out more about what makes The Points special.

Make a day of it - the day will begin at 11am, with activities for the serious plant-enthusiast, the long-term Arboretum supporter, and those just discovering The Points.

If you would like to get involved with The Points, come along and talk to our Committee.

Activities start at 11am and include:

Introducing our new Information Shelter & Walking Trails

Come and see some of the projects we're working on

Guided Tours of the Arboretum

Let us guide you around the Arboretum, and share some of its treasures with you

Expert Botanical Workshops

Join a workshop or presentation with one of our botanical experts

Arboretum History Display

Discover the history of The Points through photos, documents and anecdotes

Sausage Sizzle

Enjoy some lunch in our main visitor area. A sausage sizzle will be available, or feel free to bring a picnic

Our Special Guests:

Guest Speaker:

The Hon Dr Denis Napthine

Dr Denis Napthine MLA represented the electorate of Portland from 1988 to 2002 and South-West Coast from 2002 to 2015. He was Premier of Victoria from 2013-14, and retired from politics in 2015.

Dr Napthine was committed to supporting the Points throughout his career. In the 1990s he agitated to bring about new funding for The Points, and was involved in the preparation of the first Management Plan by the Department of Conservation & Natural Resources. In 1999 he was instrumental in obtaining funds from Alcoa Portland for new playground equipment at The Points.

These are just a few of the ways in which Dr Napthine has supported and advocated for The Points, which he describes as 'the very best eucalyptus collection in the world'.

Guest Botanical Specialist:

Mr Neville Bonney

Author of more than 20 books on Australian plants, Neville Bonney has specialised in those of his native area of SE South Australia. As a respected botanist, he has worked on a range of subjects including seed collecting, propagation, landscaping, revegetation, bush foods and farm forestry. His most recent publication is on Casuarinas.

Mr Bonney was employed from 1988 at The Points to carry out the first complete plant audit of the Arboretum, a task that extended over some years.

Expert Botanical Workshop:

The Casuarina Genus

A Walk and Talk with

Neville Bonney

Guest Botanical Specialist:

Mr Rob Beulke

Mr Beulke has been studying and growing plants for more than 25 years. Training at Burnley College, he joined the Department of Agriculture in 1988 and went on to work in the orchard industry, on the propagation of apples and cherries.

Since moving to Hamilton some years ago, he has developed an extensive nursery of Australian natives.

He specialises in grafting rare Eucalypts and Corymbias, and has combined this with an enthusiasm for bonsai cultivation techniques. He has produced "miniature" Eucalypts, among other small trees, that mimic the shape and size of full size trees.

Expert Botanical Workshop:

Bonsai of Eucalypts

Do you have any Points memorabilia to share?

If you've had a long involvement with The Points and have any photos, letters, documents or other historic objects you'd be willing to share with us, we would love to hear from you. Whether you could lend us an item to display on Open Day or donate an item for our records, all contributions will be gratefully received and cared for.

Please contact the Peter Francis Points Arboretum Inc if you are able to contribute.

To find out more:

Please contact the Committee if you would like to find out more about the Open Day, or make any special arrangements.