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Arboretum Tours

Eucalyptus Discovery Tour (Self-Guided)

Take a journey through the life, history, use and beauty of the genus Eucalyptus. This self-guided tour will take a miminum of 1 hour - but this guide allows you to set your own pace.

The guidebook directs you through the amazing Australian flora, pointing out plants of interest, and fascinating insights which you may not otherwise discover.

Download a copy of the Guidebook here, and a corresponding map here.

Guided Tours

Friends of the Peter Francis Points Arboretum can provide guides for your group tour of the Arboretum. These can be tailored to your requirements, and must be arranged in advance. There is a small fee for this service.

Contact the Friends of the Peter Francis Points Arboretum for more information.




Parks Victoria
Southern Grampians Shire Council
Garden Plant Conservation Association of Australia